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We Can Help You Apply For Benefits

How can we help you if you have symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, or some other mental illness? One of the main things that we can do if you have severe mental health impairments that prevent your from working is we can help you apply for disability benefits.  Many people are overwhelmed when they face the paperwork required to apply for disability benefits. We can help you with that by helping you complete your application and filing the appropriate forms with the Social Security Administration prior to your deadlines. When you hire our law firm, we work hard to make sure that your application and appeals are filed on time and that your medical records are collected and turned into the SSA.

If you are receiving treatment for your mental illness and your symptoms are so severe that you can longer work, you should apply for disability benefits. If you have been off work for 12 months due to your disabling mental health impairments or you believe your mental health impairments will prevent you from working for over a year into the future, you are entitled to apply for benefits.  We can make this process easier for you. Call Cannon Disability Law today for a free evaluation of your claim at 801-322-2121.

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