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The Las Vegas Social Security Hearing Office called the Office of Hearings Operations, is in downtown Las Vegas at the Foley Federal Courthouse. The OHO in Nevada services the following Social Security Disability Field Offices: Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Cedar City and St. George, Utah.

Do not come to the Hearing Office to obtain a Social Security Number, start a Social Security account, get a Social Security number, or apply for retirement benefits. The Office of Hearings Operations is only for administrative hearings with a judge in order to obtain Social Security Disability and SSI benefits. In order to get a replacement Social Security card, apply for social security, or apply for survivors benefits, you need to go to your local social security office.  Your local office will depend upon where you live in Las Vegas. Here is a list of local offices near you in Las Vegas.

Below you will find the address, phone number, and a Google Map to the Foley Federal Courthouse, which is where your hearing will be held. You should be able to locate the Federal Courthouse using your telephone. If you do not have a telephone, print this page so you have a map or write down the address of the Federal Courthouse listed below. Arrive at least 1 hour prior to your scheduled appointment.

Office of Hearing Operations, Foley Federal Courthouse
333 Las Vegas Boulevard, South, Suite 4452
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Telephone: (888) 397-5623
Fax: (702) 471-0338
eFile Fax: (877) 730-3360

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Plan on arriving ​and starting to find a place to park your car at least one hour early. If you are parking your car one hour prior to your scheduled hearing time, you will be on time for your hearing. Arriving early will give you time to find a place to park. It will also give you time to go through security after you enter the building. Security requires you to have a valid I.D. and go through a metal detector.

Do not bring any weapons, knives (even pocket knives), explosives,  or flammable objects to the hearing. You do not even need to bring your cellphone. All you really need is a valid I.D. and a copy of your hearing notice, which shows the time and place of your hearing. If you bring a bag or a purse, you will be required to put it through a metal detector and probably empty the contents out for inspection. Bring as little as possible into the federal building, so that you do not waste time going through security. You will also have to go through security again when you arrive upstairs at the hearing office. Once again, carrying a bag or purse will delay your entry into the hearing office.


It is important to wear a nice outfit for the Las Vegas Hearing Office (OHO). This does not mean you need to wear a suit and tie or a dress. However, you should wear a long-sleeved blouse or shirt and a pair of long pants with no holes in them. You want to show the Judge, with your choice of clothing, that this is an important event for you. What would you wear to a funeral? Or church? Or to make a speech to a large audience? You would wear an outfit that is conservative and modest. That is the kind of outfit you need to wear to your hearing.

Likewise, you do not want to distract the Judge with your tattoos, piercings, jewelry, or see-through clothing. You would not, for example, wear your pajamas or an old pair of torn up jeans. You want the Judge to listen to you, not wonder about what you are wearing or what your tattoos mean. First impressions are important in court. So, choose your clothes according to the impression you want the judge to have of you.

Likewise, it is important to make a conservative hair choice. If you have long hair, pull it back in a ponytail. If you have a beard or mustache, trim it or shave it off. You want the Judge to listen to what you have to say, not be distracted by your clothing, hair, tattoos, or jewelry. You want the Judge’s first impression of you to be positive and not distract from your testimony.


There is NO FREE PARKING at or near the Foley Federal Building. There are some pay parking lots near the Federal Building.  Additionally, the closest casino is the D Las Vegas, where you can leave your car with the valet and walk to the hearing. You could then retrieve your car for the price of a tip.

Parking can often be difficult around the downtown Federal Building and you want to have time to go through security and be at your hearing on time. Therefore, bring cash, a credit card, or plan extra time to find a free parking space. You may want to take a taxi, Uber, or Lyft so that you don’t have to deal with parking. You may also want to take the bus or have a friend drop you off at the Federal Building.



You must have a valid ID to get into the building. A valid ID means it is not expired. In order to get through security, you will need to bring a valid ID card with your photograph on it. For example, bring a valid driver’s license, passport, or state ID.  Even if you do not have an I.D., you must go get one. You are not going to get in without a valid ID. Sometimes it takes weeks to get an I.D., so please plan in advance. Go to your local driver’s license office and they can issue you a new driver’s license or state identification. Don’t think you will get in without a valid ID, because you won’t get in. Even if you have a hearing, the guard will not let you in the building without a valid ID.


You will need to sign in, show your ID to the guards, and go through a metal detector. Please be respectful to the guards at the federal building and follow their orders. If they ask you to place your watch, or purse, or shoes on the metal detector, please do so without argument. If you are in a wheelchair, have a cane, or metal in your body, please add extra time to get through security. Once you exit through security, go to the elevators that are to your left. Take the elevator to the 4th Floor.

Once the elevator opens, turn to the left, and walk to the door on the right at the end of the hall.  There will be another security guard there. That guard will ask you to sign in. He will also search the interior of any bags you have brought with you. So, try not to bring a purse or bag, because it delays you. Then the guard will use a wand to determine if you have any metal objects or dangerous objects that could be weapons. Inform the guard if you have any metal plates inside your legs, hips, or back from surgery. Please cooperate with all of the guards at the front door to the building and at the hearing office.


Cannon Disability practices Social Security Disability law in Nevada. Our representatives will meet with you in Las Vegas and appear with you in court. We will prepare you for your hearing by explaining the questions that the Judge will ask. Likewise, we will help you understand how to explain your disabling impairments to the Judge. It is important to have a representative with disability law experience to help you in court. If you need help with your SSD or SSI disability case, contact us today. We offer a free consultation and we do not charge you an attorney fee unless we win your case.

It is important to pay attention to the date and time of your hearing. You do not get another chance if you miss your hearing. The judge will dismiss your hearing request and you will loss all of your disability benefits. Again, the judge is not required to just schedule a new hearing for you. The wait for a hearing date and time is lengthy. Don’t miss your hearing for no reason. Give your best effort to appear on time and ready for your hearing.

If, for some true emergency, you do miss your hearing time, the judge call still dismiss your case. However, if you have an attorney who requests it, the judge will usually require you to show “good cause” as to why you missed your hearing. You will have to write a letter explaining that you were, for example, in the emergency room due to a car accident. You may have to submit those ER medical records to prove it. Or, possibly submit a police report of the car accident. Then, perhaps the judge will reschedule your hearing date. However, it is up to the judge. So, don’t miss your hearing.


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