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Map to the SLC Hearing Office and Where to Find Free Parking

Salt Lake hearing office filing for Utah disability benefits


The SLC Hearing Office is where your hearing will be held. The Administrative Law Judge is at the SLC Hearing Office, 125 South State Street, 3rd Floor, SLC, UT. The hearing office is inside the Wallace F. Bennett Federal Building.

The SLC Hearing Office is also called “OHO” or the Office of Hearing Operations. Please do NOT go to the Federal Court House, which is at a different address. Many people make this mistake. Remember, you are going to the FEDERAL BUILDING, not the Federal Court House. Follow the map on this page and you will find the correct building.

Plan on arriving ​and starting to find a place to park your car one hour early. If you are parking your car one hour prior to your hearing time, then you will be on time for your hearing. Arriving early will give you time to find a place to park. It will also give you time to go through security after you enter the building. Security requires you to have a valid I.D. and go through a metal detector. Do not bring any weapons, knives (even pocketknives), explosives, or flammable objects to the hearing. Again, the address is:

  • Office of Hearing Operations (OHO)/SSA
  • Wallace F. Bennett Federal Building
  • 125 South State Street, 3rd Floor, SLC, UT 84111


It is important to wear a nice outfit to the SLC Hearing Office. This does not mean you need to wear a suit and tie or a fancy dress. However, you should wear a blouse or shirt with long sleeves and a pair of long pants with no holes in them. You want to show the Judge, with your choice of clothing, that this is an important hearing for you. However, you do not want to distract the Judge with your tattoos, pierced nose, jewelry, high heels, or see-through clothing.

Likewise, it is important to make a conservative hair choice. If you have long hair, pull it back in a ponytail. If you have a beard, trim it or shave it off. You want the Judge to listen to what you have to say, not wonder about your hair. Likewise, you should cover up your tattoos and wear little or no jewelry. Tattoos, jewelry, and unusual clothing take away from your testimony. They do not add to it.

Even though looks are not truly important, they do make a first impression. And you want the Judge’s first impression of you to be positive. You want the judge to pay attention to your testimony and not pay attention to your clothes.

Another thing to remember, for example, is to keep your temper. During the hearing, do not yell at the judge. Additionally, do not decide to be rude to the judge. This is the person who is deciding your case. It is important to be polite.


If you drive to the hearing office, please leave your phone in your car. You do not need it to get into the Federal Building. Also, you do not need it during the hearing.

Your phone will distract you. Worse, when you forget to turn it off, it will start ringing during the hearing. Nothing is worse than having to answer your phone or turn off your ringing phone during your court hearing. Believe us. It happens all the time. It is best to avoid the problem all together and leave your phone in your car.


There is Free Parking in a small parking lot next to the Federal Building. Even though it says you can only park for two hours or you will get a ticket, don’t worry about it. Most hearings do not take two hours of time.

There is 2 hours of Free Parking in the Harmon’s Parking lot across the street and in the City Creek Mall, which is kitty corner to the Federal Building. There is a pay lot, which only takes credit cards, behind the small, free Federal Building Parking Lot. Parking can often be difficult around the downtown Federal Building. Additionally, you want to have time to go through security and be at your hearing on time. Therefore, bring cash, a credit card, or plan extra time to find a free parking space.


Yes, you do. You must have a valid ID to get into the Federal Building. A valid ID means it is NOT EXPIRED. In order to get through security, you will need to bring a valid ID card with your photograph on it. For example, bring a valid driver’s license, passport, or state ID.  You will sign in, show your ID, and go through a metal detector.

Do not bring weapons of any kind. You should also try not to bring a lot of things in your pockets or bag, because this will delay your entrance into the building. Bringing metal objects makes it will take longer to go through security. If you need a wheelchair or cane to walk, then bring it.

If you have trouble walking, it is a long distance between the parking lot or other free parking and the front door of the federal building. Remember, if you have a wheelchair, canes, or metal inside your body, please give yourself more time to arrive and go through security. Additionally, please obey the guards at the front door and on the 3rd floor.


Once you go through security, take the elevators to the 3rd floor and sign into the SLC Hearing Office. The security officer will have you sign in. Then they will use a wand with a metal detector to check for weapons. If your pockets or purse contain metal objects, coins, or a phone, you will have to take them all out again.

It is best to bring only the necessary items to the hearing office, like your ID. Meet your Social Security Disability attorney in the waiting room of the SSA’s Office of Hearing Operations (OHO) on the 3rd floor.

It is likely that you will be subject to another search when you arrive at the waiting room. You may have to empty your pockets. It is also possible that the guard will use a wand to search you for weapons. This is all the more reason to bring only what you truly need to the hearing.

Having pockets full of change, pocketknives, a large purse, or full backpack, only increases the search time for the guard. That time is better spent talking to your attorney or representative. You need time to prepare yourself for the hearing with the judge.

While you are waiting for your hearing, it is a good idea to review your medical symptoms. Be ready to talk about your symptoms with the judge. Also, be ready to explain why your disability prevents you from working. If you need to know more about what questions the judge will ask you at the hearing, read here.

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