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Oakland & San Francisco Disability Information


Oakland and San Francisco are home to over 10 million people. Many of whom are eligible for disability benefits because they cannot work. If you have a medical impairment that stops you from working, apply for disability benefits. One can visit the local offices whose addresses are below. One can also apply online for benefits at  It is easy to apply. Most importantly, all benefits start from the date of application. Therefore, even day you wait to apply is a day you lose money. Call or contact us to see if we can help you win your benefits (800) 732-2323. Put our experience in California to work for you.

At Cannon Disability Law, we are licensed Social Security Disability attorneys in California.  We travel to Oakland and San Francisco on a regular basis. We represent hundreds of clients in both cities.  It is free to call our offices. Often, we can tell you over the phone whether we can help you win your disability benefits.


It isn’t necessary to visit the offices below to apply for disability benefits. However, if you want to do that, you can.  A list of the local offices is below for you. Also, you can apply for disability benefits by calling 1-800-772-1213 or by filling out an online application at  There is a hearing office in both cities. Whatever office you live closer to will be your hearing site. The SSA will send you notice of the time and place for your hearing. Most importantly, do not skip your hearing. You only get one chance to have a hearing. After waiting so long, you do not want to start the process of applying over again.
If, for some reason, you cannot attend your hearing. Call the hearing office and ask them to re-schedule your case. You do not want to miss your hearing date. Additionally, you do not want to go unrepresented to your hearing. It is never a good idea to try to represent yourself. If you have never been to a disability hearing you don’t know what will happen. The hearing is not easy. You need to hire an attorney who has experience to win your case. This could be one of the most important decisions in your life. Hire a representative with experience. Because, you are going to be relying on these benefits as income for the rest of your life.


Oakland Social Security Administration Office
360 22ND ST, Suite 400
Oakland, CA – 94607

Oakland Social Security Administration Office
​Eastmont Town Center

7200 Bancroft Avenue
Oakland, CA – 94605
San Francisco Social Security Administration Office
560 Kearny Street
San Francisco, CA – 94108
San Francisco Social Security Administration Office
90 7th St
San Francisco, CA – 94103​
San Francisco Social Security Administration Office
1098 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA – 94110
Oakland Disability InformationSan Francisco Disability Information
Oakland & San Francisco DisabilityOakland & San Francisco Disability Information
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