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At Cannon Disability Law, our client’s testimonials show that we dedicate ourselves to helping our clients. We want to help you win your Social Security benefits. Also, we want the entire process of winning SSDI and SSI benefits to be easy as possible for you. Our goal is to work with our clients to help them obtain the SSD and SSI benefits they deserve.

In our office, we have lawyers and staff who will help you apply for SSD and SSI benefits. We also appeal SSA decisions for you. Our legal staff works with you to provide your medical records to the SSA. With your help, we obtain all the medical information the SSA needs to grant your case.

If you want to find out more about the attorneys and staff who work at our law firm, then read our About Us page. There, you will find out about Dianna Cannon. She has thirty years of legal experience winning SSDI and SSI cases. Our other lawyers also have many years of legal experience winning benefits. Learn more about lawyer Brett Bunkall here.  Read about Andria Summers’ legal experience here. Additionally, it is the goal of our staff to provide excellent customer service. We know that letters from the SSA can be confusing and so can filing an appeal. We will help you so that you don’t have to worry.


Many people think they need a lot of money to hire an attorney, but we are only paid if you win benefits. This means you do not need to come up with money to hire our legal team.

Instead, our attorney fee comes from the back due benefits that the SSA owes you. You only pay an attorney fee after we win your case. If we don’t win your case, then you do not owe an attorney fee. However, if we do win your case, at any level of the claim, then you will owe an attorney fee. But the attorney fee cannot be more than 25% of your back benefit or the fee cap of $7200.

For example, if you have a back benefit of $10,000, then our attorney fee is $2500. Which is 25% of the back benefit. If your back benefit is $1000, then our attorney fee is $250. Currently, no attorney fee at the hearing level can be higher than the fee cap of $7200 which is set by the SSA.

At our SSD law firm, we believe everyone should have the advantage of an attorney with years of experience. By only charging an attorney fee when we win the case, all of our clients are able to afford a legal expert to help them win benefits.

Cannon Disability Team testimonials


For over 30 years, we have been winning SSDI and SSI cases. During that time, we have won benefits for over 20,000 clients. We cannot guarantee we will win your case. However, we will work hard to ease your worries during the long process of seeking Social Security benefits.

If you are wondering how our past clients feel about our legal services, then please read the following statements written by our happy clients.


Finally, we have won over $100 million in Social Security benefits for our clients. Our win rate proves how hard we work to help our clients win benefits. Every day we work on filing applications. Likewise, we work on appeals. We can help you file your application for SSDI and SSI benefits online at the Social Security website.

Also, we can appeal any denial you receive from the SSA. If you have questions about filling out the SSA information forms, then we can help you with that. Additionally, we spend time meeting with our clients, helping them understand how to answer the Judge’s questions when they go to court.

Prior to every court hearing, we prepare our clients. Because we have done over 20,000 hearings, we can review the possible questions with you. We do this so you know what will happen at court.

When you walk into court, you may still be nervous. However, you will be ready to explain your mental and physical conditions to the judge.  You will have a good idea what questions you will need to answer in court. Our office is in Salt Lake City, but we represent clients throughout Utah. We also represent clients in Nevada, Idaho, California, and Colorado. Find out more about Colorado SSDI and SSI benefits here.

Find out more here about Utah SSDI benefits. Nevada SSD information and California SSD information can also be found on our website. Hire a law firm with the experience to get the job done. We are Social Security Disability Attorneys who want to help you win your benefits.


If you don’t want to take our word for it, then review what our our clients have to say.

You will find that our clients are happy with our legal services. This is true, even if they didn’t win benefits.

Obviously, we want to win your SSDI and SSI case. We will do our best throughout the SSA appeal process to help you. For example, we will help you file your application and appeal any SSA decision. However, our chances of winning your case increase when you go to the doctor on a regular basis. That way, we have the best medical evidence to prove you deserve benefits. Learn more information about the medical evidence you need to prove the SSA should pay you benefits.

If you need help finding free and low cost medical resources, then we have those resources on our website. If you live in Utah, look here for free Utah medical resources.  Likewise, read here for free Nevada medical resources. Likewise, we also list free and low cost resources for  Idaho and Colorado on our website. Here is a list for Idaho’s free health resources. Additionally, here is a list for Colorado’s free health resources.

Additionally, there is one more important piece of information. If you hire us, then your chances of winning SSDI and SSI benefits go up. A study found that those who hire an attorney are granted benefits at a rate nearly 3 times higher than those without a lawyer.

Again, don’t take our word for it. Read what our clients have to say. After you see the good things they have to say, you will want to contact us today. Hopefully, after you win your benefits, you will be the next person to write a happy review.

Customer Service

I just got a MASSIVE deposit into my account and I cannot tell you how thankful I am to you and your firm. I cannot express my appreciation for you guys. THANK YOU!

L. Cheery

I called Cannon Disability and they were very helpful and nice over the phone. When I asked for an appointment, they made one for me and my wife and we were able to meet with the attorney who will help me with my Social Security benefits. I was impressed with their office and the staff, who offered me a cup of coffee and the lawyer who understood the paperwork Social Security sent, which is a lot. It is nice after all this time to find a good lawyer who can help us out. We have lost almost everything just waiting for Social Security to make up their minds. I can't work anymore because of my back. If you want to get treated right, go here.

BD Larson

My personal experience with this company was great. My sister was denied several times before we decided to go through an attorney. The process is more complicated than you think and it helps so much to have someone helping that knows all the steps.

Sherrie A.

This team has a strong work ethic and a deep commitment to helping people with disabilities get the benefits they deserve. They have years of experience with disability law and helped my brother win his case. I highly recommend them.

C. Wooley

I was worried I wouldn't find a law firm that could help me with my case. But a friend referred me to Cannon Disability and they won my disability benefits for me.

JD Springfield

I want to express my deepest gratitude for your very personable and professional help last week. I found you to be very compassionate and extremely knowledgeable about the details of your job. Thank you very much.

M. Gallegos

Thank you so much for helping my daughter. We couldn't have done it without you. She has such a hard time understanding things and you were always so patient with her. Everyone on the phone is great! Thank you so much. We are forever  thankful to you.

L. Smith

I'd like to thank Dianna Cannon for representing my mother. I was very worried about her because she doesn't speak English, only Spanish. Thank goodness Ms. Cannon speaks Spanish. She put my mother at ease and helped her prepare for the judge's questions. Sandra and Umberto were also super helpful to her whenever she called in with questions. It took a long time, but your staff was kind to her throughout the process. I'm so glad we hired your firm.


You have a special way of putting kindness into words and caring. You are deeply appreciated. Thank you.

​S. Hyatte

I wanted to let everyone know how much I appreciate everything you have done for me. It means a lot to have people like you that truly care about others and are willing to take the time to help.  I am truly grateful for everyone who helped me with my case. A huge thank you to Andria who had my back and supported me throughout the last hurdle. Thank you everyone.


Experienced Representation

I know you were doing your job and I have lived long enough to see that you are good at it. This case you did for me might just be another one down in the books for you, but it was so much more. You not only prepared and won a case, you also put 2 people's lives back together. I also have to say Jean was the greatest person to deal with on the phone of anyone in my whole career. God bless you.

A-P Mast

Most helpful group of professionals I have ever worked with! My case was a little unusual, so it has required additional attention, that's when I learned how much support I had within the firm. I feel that I am getting the highest level of representation, caring for, and personal attention that exceeds my highest expectations. After all, I am trusting them with my life, and they treat me in a way that proves to me that they feel like my life is important. Getting disability is difficult, in my case, it's a bigger challenge. I would have been overwhelmed by the process. The comfort and calm state of mind during the application process could only have come from the trust and satisfaction I received working with Cannon Disability Law. My experience has put me in a state of complete trust. Any other firm would like playing the lottery.

John M.

I refer clients to Cannon Disability frequently, they are friendly, caring and respectful to all their clients. They have excellent customer service and will always answer any questions a client may have. I highly recommend this firm for any and all Social Security claims. They work hard for every client.

C. Moore

Dianna Cannon is exactly the attorney you want on your side in a disability case. She's intelligent, knowledgeable and tenacious on behalf of her clients.


Dealing with the government is really time consuming, but these folks did a great job staying on top of my case and getting me my benefits. They were very considerate and kind when helping me and listening to my concerns too! Would highly recommend.

James B.

That Judge seemed like he didn't even care, but you just kept at it. Thanks so much for never giving up on me. You made all the difference.

Jim A

Thank you for everything you did for me and my family.  It was clear when you spoke to the Judge he respected you and you knew what you were doing.

C. Henderson

It was very difficult to accept the inevitable need to apply for disability.  But even more daunting was the idea of being able to fill out all the paperwork and navigate through the seemingly overwhelming maze of questionnaires required by Disability.  The staff at Cannon Disability Law were not only knowledgeable and well-trained professionals, but were compassionate.  Their interactions fostered a feeling of positive growth and improved dignity in oneself at a time when everything else seems to just point out all your failures.  They displayed a genuine interest and much integrity in helping me through this time-consuming and often confusing process.  I highly recommend this law firm and feel truly blessed to have picked them to help me navigate through this challenge.

M. Acree

Client Support

The attorneys and staff at Cannon Disability provided me with exceptional legal representation. They provided advice, support, encouragement, and timely updates throughout my social security and long-term disability cases. I highly recommend Cannon Disability Law to anyone seeking assistance with a disability case.

Mary K.

I was a client of Cannon Disability. I can't speak highly enough about how wonderful they were to deal with. I would recommend this firm to anyone needing help with a disablilty issue. Thank you CD for your kind and caring approach when it comes to helping people.

Janet S.

I commend your staff for the amazing job they did and how they treated me through the process of filing for my disability. When I began the process and was looking for an attorney, I asked the people around me and overwhelmingly they responded with the name of your firm, with promise in both how the client was treated and how well you handled the case.  Throughout the time I was your client I always felt that your staff cared and was there for me when I needed them. My attorney did an amazing job presenting my case.

T. W.

Kind, supportive profesional and responsive. Disability is more than challenging. I would have given up if it weren't for them.


Dear Dianna & Staff: Thank you so much for everything you did in preparing my case. I appreciate all your hard work. You are all awesome!! Thanks again.

S.S. Anderson

I just can't say it enough! Thanks to you and your team! Thank you!


What would I have done if I hadn't found you? Thank you so much. My family is finally taken care of after so many months of waiting.

A. Montoya

This firm is staffed with caring, professional people who know how to do their job well.  Navigating the disability system was overwhelming and I had a true sense of relief when I hired your firm. Thank you for caring about all the details and helping me through this very distressing time. It is hard to face the fact that you can't work anymore, but at least your firm had my back. Thank you.

S. Matthews

We can't thank your team enough for all you did for us. Best wishes and thanks again!

SS Goodrich

I don't know how to thank you for your help. You changed my life getting me this money. It means the world to me. Thank you to your team who always listened. You were great!

B. Chris

Thanks to you all I now have my disability benefits. Thank you for listening to me over the last year and answering my questions. No matter who I talked to I felt they were really trying to help me out and get me through to the court date. Thank you again.

C. Christene

Customer Reviews

Cannon Disability Law did an outstanding job for me. I am a veteran and suffer from PTSD and other mental Health concerns. They were respectful and very understanding through the whole process. I floundered for 18 months trying to do this on my own. They helped me to stay focused. Without their expertise I would have not won my case. Cannot say enough wonderful things about the service they provided to our family. Would highly recommend them. Blessings!!!

Kenneth Archer

Helped my husband get disability after his Third open heart surgery. Did a great job. We had been turned down twice. It was a great experience in a very busy office. Thanks to all of you.

Meg Averett

I regularly refer clients to Cannon Disability Law and without exception, they have been treated professionally, respectfully and thoughtfully. This is an outstanding law firm with outstanding attorneys. You couldn't find a better firm to assist with your Social Security Disability claims.

Jensie Anderson

3 Years After I Filed and Ms. Cannon Won My Case - This has been the hardest 3 years of my life and I know I could not have got through it without Ms. Cannon and all the staff at her law firm. She got all my records and sent them in three times and wrote to the judge to get him to grant my case, but we still had to go a hearing. Which was fine because in the end she talked to the judge and explained my case and helped me answer the questions. I would not have known what to do if she hadn't been there and I just want to thank her and tell other people that this is the firm you need if you want your money.

Keith Cameron

I refer clients to Cannon Disability frequently, they are friendly, caring and respectful to all their clients. They have excellent customer service and will always answer any questions a client may have. I highly recommend this firm for any and all Social Security claims. They work hard for every client.

Cyndie Moore

I hired Cannon Disability Law to help me with my case after being denied twice I decided to hire them to help me. I suffer from chronic migraine and I was skeptical about getting my benefits granted. Cannon Disability assured me that they would not have taken my case if they didnt feel they could win. I used them for 2 years and they won my case. I was happy with the service I received from the bottom to the top. After my case was awarded they didnt stop there they helped me pick out the right Medicare benefits for me and kept tabs on my back pay. They were awesome I would reccomend them to anyone.


My attorney and the folks at this firm were great. I felt like they really cared about what has been happening to me the last few years. I haven't been able to work or support my family and the fact that the government kept denying my case has been unreal. Thx to the work of Cannon the judge actually listened and I got my first check yesterday. A friend referred me here and I'm so glad he did. If you need an honest lawyer who cares about your disability, go here. Thanks again to Cannon Law for not giving up.

Benjamin bennett

Great staff very helpful great place to go if you are looking for disability lawyers

Michael J. Miller

I had a very awesome experience with all staff that I had contact with and helping in the right direction to proceed. I am very thankful for the help that Brett Bunkal gave and his experience in the courtroom. I'm thankful for the help that Andrea Summers gave me after I was granted my disability in helping understand everything that was given to me in all the information that Social Security gives you for Medicare. Overall I would recommend Cannon Disability to anyone who needs the help navigating the Social Security process that is so tough to do on your own.

Robert Nichols

We had a very good experience with Cannon Disability Law. Everyone was so nice to us, especially Sandra Hudson. They helped us with my husband's claim every step of the way and it was approved in just four months! We could never have done it without them. I highly recommend them for anyone who needs a good attorney to advocate for them!

Arla Vivona

These people are going to get my money I deserve.

Leroy Montano

Much to my surprise I was approved for SocSec disability on the first application. The screening interview was thorough and pleasant. I, my friend, family, didn't think I had much of a case, but obviously I did. During the process the follow up with various staff on some docs issues and correspondence with SocSec, was timely and effective. From start to finish it took 7 months. I'd say to anyone that if Cannon Law takes your case it's because you have a good one. I am glad I did not attempt this on my own. The contingency basis agreement was very fair and I think they earned every penny. When they told me they would back me throughout any and all appeals and any case to a SocSec judge, I was prepared to be it it for the long haul. But when I got the decision in my favor sooner I was overwhelmed with gratitude. had to pinch myself! And now its a few months into receiving benefits. That's such a relief! My friends and family doubted I'd succeed, I questioned it too, but Cannon Law knows a thing or two about all this. Thank you , very much appreciated..

steve ferguson

I could not be more happy with the attorneys and staff and Cannon Disability. They helped me so much and won my case, but even if they hadn't of won it I am still so grateful. I talked to Barry and Jason and Dave helped me even when it was hard. They took care of me. Now Ic an take care of my kids. Thanks thanks thanks to Cannon Law for helping me get my Ssd

Kara Taylor

They're excellent and they helped me every step of the way and along with winning my case in my situation with Social Security Administration!! Thanks Diana Cannon and Law Firm Attny's!!

Robert Wallenmeyer

They were really great to work with. There were a few problems with my lump sum payment taking longer than anticipated, but this had to do with Social Security, & not Canon. My case was very unique to most, & not the typical type of payments, so I’m sure it is not a common problem. They were doing their job to the best extent they were able. Social security was pushing their faults onto my lawyers, when it was in fact nothing to do with my lawyers at Canon. My lawyers were sure to help figure everything out for me. During the process of applying, hearings, getting medical records, etc. they were fantastic. They went above, & beyond for me the entire time. I was very satisfied doing business with them, & will be recommending them to any one I may come across that is looking for a SSD law firm. Thank you Canon.

Nykolus Gonzales

Our case was a very difficult one. We are so fortunate that we choose Cannon Disability Law over all the other Disability Firms. We studied all the Firms for over a month before we picked Diane Cannon. We got to know everyone there, and there's no doubt, they are all fabulous, and highly educated . We love these people at CDL.

Lyle Bailey

I love Cannon Disability Law. My husband and myself both took advantage of their expertise in disability law. I had filled out my husband's paperwork. When we received the court date. Canon's attorney was professional, and anticipated what the Judge was going to ask for. And had info readily available. Needless to say, we both were awarded disability.

Marie Richins

Had a nice interview on the phone and they are going to help me with my case. They are helping me file my application. I had to do it over again because I didn't appeal the first time. Very pleasant to work with and I am impressed. They seem to know what they are doing. I needed to hire a lawyer after the last time not getting anywhere. I want to move forward. Recommend this law firm, as good experience here.


It was a pleasure to work with these guys. Even though we only collaborated for a short 6 month period due to me moving out of state, they were very professional and courteous in handling all manners of business with me. Unfortunately they were unable to continue assisting me with my case out here in California but they sent me a CD in the mail with all info regarding my case to pass onto my next lawyer, and even gave me a few referrals for lawyers out in my new area. Kerry was especially great to work with and the one who helped me out the most with my situation. I highly recommend going through Cannon Disability Law for disability claims in Utah. Thank you guys and I appreciate all of your hard work with helping me out in my journey.

Aimee Bell

Cannon Disability is great. The government is horrible and confused me so badly, that I became upset at the wrong people...... but Cannon Law was awesome. I refer them to everyone now. Sanya Child, a very satisfied customer who is hard to please. They are way Better than Other companies who judge you like Glenn Cook's company did. Stick with Cannon. You can't go wrong.

J Doe
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