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What Will It Cost To Hire Cannon Disability Law?

money for social security disability attorney


When you hire us, we only charge an attorney fee when we win your case. If we don’t win, then you don’t pay an attorney fee.

Most of the time, when you hire an attorney, you have to pay a certain amount of money up front to the attorney for their future work. For example, before most attorneys even begin to work on a case, they will make you bring them a $2000 fee. But at our law firm, you can hire us for no money up front. Therefore, you have nothing to lose by calling us to see if we can help you win your SSD benefits.

In the last 30 years, we have won more than $100 million in ongoing SSI and past due SSDI benefits for our clients. Contact us today.

When you become our client, our lawyers will help you with your case every step of the way.  We will help you file your application for SSD and Supplemental Security Income benefits. Also, we can appeal your case to the Appeals Council. Likewise, we can take your case to Federal Court. Fighting SSA’s decisions is what we do.

We will assist you in filing the necessary application forms and appeals. Also, we will make sure that each document meets our strict standards. We also request your medical records, from your past and present doctors, and follow up on your application to make sure the SSA is giving your case the attention it deserves.


The answer to that question is “yes.”

If you hire an attorney, your chances of winning SSD and SSI benefits are higher.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that hiring an attorney helps people win their SSDI and SSI case.

In fact, the GAO found that people who had an attorney with experience were granted benefits at a rate nearly 3 times higher than those without a lawyer. We like to believe that your chances of winning benefits when you hire us are higher than that because of our years of legal experience in this area of law.

Having a better chance to win benefits is always wonderful. But, the most important reason you have a better chance is that when you hire an attorney with legal experience, we prepare your case for success. Knowing what to do is half the battle. Only legal experience can give you the extra push to win your benefits.


There is no charge for us to review your case or to visit our offices. You can hire our legal team to help you after your free case review. If you decide to visit our office, then we appreciate you making an appointment first.

When you call us, our staff will ask you basic questions and tell you whether we can help you. Our staff will also set up an appointment for you with a lawyer or our client intake team. There is no charge to meet with us. Best of all, you will not be forced to become our client simply because you meet with us or ask us questions.

You will not owe an attorney fee unless our firm wins your case. However, payment for medical records is your responsibility whether we win or lose your case. Fortunately, the average cost of getting medical records on a case ranges between $50 and $150. The cost goes up if you have more than one doctor who treats you for your mental and physical conditions.

You will need to pay your treating doctor for a copy of your medical records. You can pay for records with a credit card or check. Alternatively, you can ask your doctor to provide you a free copy of your medical records. Once you have your personal copy, then we can make a copy of those records and submit it to the SSA.


At our law firm, we have won over 20,000 SSDI and SSI cases. Our success rate is based on our experience and the fact that we work with our clients as a team.

Some attorneys claim they have a very high success rate, but that success rate is based on winning a few hundred cases. Those firms carefully select their cases based on factors such as the advanced age of the client or the type of medical condition. We take cases we believe in. That includes cases for young people and people who have a combination of mental and physical illness.

Our clients tell us they can’t work and we believe them. While we don’t win every case, we care more about our clients than having a perfect success rate.

We are in the business of helping people from the outset of their SSD and SSI claim. Therefore, our Salt Lake City Social Security attorney help our clients with their application. We also help you fill out the SSA’s paperwork. Obtaining the medical evidence you need to win your case is what we do. Learn more about the importance of medical records in your case.

Social Security Attorneys hire Cannon Disability Law


We only charge an attorney fee if we win your benefits. When we win your benefits case at the lower appeals levels or at the hearing level, we charge you an attorney fee equal to 25% of your back due benefits. Currently, however, the attorney fee is capped at a maximum amount of $7,200.

For example, if you win $10,000 in back benefits, we will charge you $2,500, which is 25 percent of your back benefit. If you win $100,000 in back benefits, then our firm will charge $7,200. In the future, if the government raises the amount of the fee cap, then our attorney fee cap will increase to that level.

All attorneys in a Social Security case are subject to the attorney fee cap. This means that no attorney or law firm can charge you more than 25% of your back benefit or more than the cap the SSA has set on fees. Why? Because that is the law. If an attorney tries to charge you more than the amount set by the SSA, then they could lose their license to practice as an attorney. If you have more questions about attorney fees, then read our article, “Attorney Fees in SSD Cases.”

Since all attorneys charge the exact same amount, does that mean all law firms are equal? No. You are going to pay the same price for any law firm that you hire. So, hire the best firm with the most legal experience in Social Security law – Cannon Disability Law. We are the law firm with the most legal experience and the best track record.


​In addition to paying the attorney fee, when you hire us, you will need to pay the costs of your case. But those costs are minimal and consist of a low fee for office supplies. Typically, our office fee for our costs is less than $100. If necessary, there is also a fee for getting a copy of your medical records. We don’t charge a fee for medical records if you can collect them for free.

However, if you want to collect your own records, then you need to do so long prior to your hearing and possibly again, prior to your hearing. Many people are able to access their medical records through their insurance medical portal. That way you can get your medical records for free. Remember, you will probably have to get your records more than once in order to keep your evidence up to date. If we collect your records, we will pass the bill from the doctor on to you.

Our office accepts credit cards to pay the doctor who provides your medical records. Also, you can pay you doctor directly for your medical records and deliver them to us. We will make a copy of them for you. Medical evidence and the support of your treating doctor is crucial to winning your case.

We will let you know if we need your help getting medical records, so you are not charged high medical record request fees. When you choose to hire Cannon Disability, we become your legal team. Therefore, we present your case in the best manner possible.


Social Security benefits are not a handout, they are an “entitlement.” Do not let the the people in Congress confuse you with their misuse of words. You are entitled to it because you PAID for it. It does not mean it is “free.” Also, it does NOT mean that it is a government handout. Instead, when you are no longer able to work due to a severe medical condition, the SSA should pay you your benefits because they BELONG TO YOU.

Every time you get a work check, you pay federal taxes from it. The government takes some of the money from your taxes and puts it into the SSD program. That money is yours.  It is there in case you need benefits because you cannot work due to illness. In other words, you paid for it, so it is yours. Learn more about how the Disability Trust fund works.

You deserve the best attorney to obtain your benefits. Your benefits belong to you, because you paid for them. We offer all of our clients our very best legal effort, every step of the way. When you hire Cannon Disability, you get the benefit of over 30 years of legal experience.


Hire us because we will represent from the outset of your SSD case. Many law firms do not help you file your application for benefits. We do.

Our experts will help you apply for benefits when you are ready to file your application at Social Security’s website. Or, we can start to represent you at any point during the appeals process.

We can represent you at a hearing before an SSA judge. Also, we can appeal your case to the Appeals Council and Federal Court. Put our years of legal experience to work for you. We have won over 20,000 SSD and SSI cases.

Please call us and we will answer any questions you have about becoming our client. You can also contact us and we will call you if you send us your phone number through our contact form. We cannot guarantee that we will win your case. However, if you hire Cannon Disability, we will do our best to win your case.


Finally, ask yourself this question.

What will be the cost of not hiring our law firm?

The chance of winning your case triples if you hire an attorney with experience in Social Security law.

If you do not win your case, then you will not have any income for the future. You will also not win your past due SSD benefits. Likewise, if you do not win, you will not owe an attorney fee.

Remember, you only pay us if we win your case. If we win, then you might owe us a few thousand dollars out of your back benefit. But, you will win benefits every month for the rest of your life until you reach your full retirement age, which is 67 years old.  At that point, we will have won you a higher social security retirement benefit too. So, the decision you make about who you hire right now, will impact your future. Therefore, hire the law firm you can depend on: Cannon Disability Law.

In reality, the attorney fee that you pay us when you win your case is very low. Especially if you consider that you are seeking SSDI and SSI benefits for the next 10 to 30 years of your life. If you are worried about the attorney fee, then stop worrying. We are well worth the cost. What will the cost be to you if you lose your case? Once you think of it that way, the choice is easy. Hire our law firm today.

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