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Dianna Cannon, J.D. – Social Security Disability Attorney – Featured in Attorney at Law Magazine 2018


Featured in Attorney at Law Magazine, Dianna Cannon has been practicing Social Security Disability Law for more than 25 years. “I help people get their Social Security Disability benefits,” she explains. “I handle Veteran’s Disability cases and Black Lung Disability claims as well. But mostly, I handle Social Security Disability cases.”

“We win benefits for people who have cancer or Multiple Sclerosis and then they are able to continue to support their families. It’s usually people who have worked their entire lives and who are entitled to the benefits, and for some reason the government is denying those benefits. We love to fight for them.” Here you can read the  Attorney at Law Magazine article and learn about Ms. Cannon and her firm, Cannon Disability Law. Or, to become a client at Cannon Disability Law, contact us.


Cannon Disability Law has been in business for 30 years. Combined, our representatives have over 60 years of legal experience representing Social Security and Supplemental Security income cases. We have won over 20,000 disability claims. Additionally, we have won over $100 million in back benefits and ongoing monthly benefits for our clients. Many people think that hiring an attorney can make the claims process go faster. It does not. In fact, your attorney does not control how long it takes for the SSA to make a decision. We do our best to control the things we can control, like collecting medical records for your case. It is our job to prove your disability prevents you from working. Hire a disability attorney with the experience to get the job done.

Dianna Cannon Featured in Attorney at Law Magazine 2018

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