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Are You Eligible For Retroactive Disability Benefits?

There are two kinds of disability benefits that one can apply for within the Social Security System.  The first benefit is Social Security Disability or Title II.  The second benefit is Supplemental Security Income or Title XVI.  Eligibility for retroactive disability benefits depends upon the date you apply for benefits. It also depends on whether you were disabled and not working prior to our application date.

If you apply for disability benefits and you were disabled and not working for over a year, you may be eligible for disability benefits for twelve months prior to the date of filing your application for disability.  There is a five-month waiting period that applies to all Social Security Disability claims.  Therefore, if you were disabled and not working 17 months prior to the date of your application for benefits, your five-month waiting period would run prior to your 12 month period of eligibility and you could obtain one year of retroactive benefits.

Supplemental Security Income disability applicants are entitled to monthly disability benefits beginning in the month in which they filed for benefits.  In addition to proving disability, you must also meet the income and resource requirements of the SSI program and allege disability began at least as far back as the date of your SSI disability application. There is no five-month waiting period for SSI applicants and there are no retroactive SSI benefits payable for any time prior to the filing date of the disability application.  If you have questions about obtaining disability benefits, please contact us at 801-322-2121 or through this website.

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