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Applying for disability, or SSD and SSI benefits, can be stressful because you may not know what you need to do. Likewise, you may not know what questions the SSA will ask you when you apply. The most important thing you can do is begin your application. You can apply online at the Social Security website. It is very easy to apply online.

If you have a computer or a phone with the internet, then you can access the SSA’s website. When you open the site, you will see a section that you can click on called “disability.” Click on the “disability” section and you will see a button that says, “apply for disability.” Once you click on that button, you have started your application for SSD and SSI benefits.


Before you apply for Social Security Disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income, make sure you have the information on hand that you need to fill out your application.  For example, you will need your personal information;  your Social Security number, birthday, marriage date, divorce date, and the names of your parents and children.

You will also need, if you have it, your bank account information. If you do not have a bank account, this will not stop you from filing for SSD and SSI benefits.

You may also need to provide a copy of your birth certificate.  If you have become a citizen of the U.S., you will need your official paperwork to submit along with your application.  Don’t let the lack of some of this information prevent you from filing for benefits.  Remember, every day you wait to apply for benefits is a day that you lose money.  Benefits are tied to the date that you apply, whether online, in the mail or by phone.


One of the main points of filling out SSA’s application for benefits is to provide them with your medical information. In order to obtain your SSD and SSI benefits, you must prove that you have a medical condition that will prevent you from working for over one year.

Objective medical testing is the evidence that shows you cannot work due to your condition. You can win benefits for physical or mental conditions or a combination of both. Either way, you will need medical evidence to prove your claim.

The application provides a place for you to fill out the names and addresses of your doctors. For instance, you will need the name, address, and telephone number of your primary care provider. Also, you will need the same information for you psychiatrist, psychologist, or mental health counselor.

Along that same line, you will also need to provide the information for your chiropractor or physical therapist.  If you have visits to the Emergency Room at a hospital or a hospital stay, then you must also give them this information.

The reason you must provide this information is simple. The SSA is going to contact your doctors and ask them to send your medical records. Your medical information includes your progress notes, emergency room visits, and hospital stays. Your progress notes tells the SSA about your treatment and gives them the opinion of your doctor. If you do not give the SSA all of the contact information for your doctors, then they will not be able to collect the evidence that proves you should be paid benefits.


Once you have shown the SSA that you have a severe medical condition. The next thing you must do is prove that your medical condition prevents you from working. To prove you cannot work you must first show that you cannot return to any of your past jobs. Second, you must prove that you cannot work at any job in the national economy.

Because one of the main issues in any SSD claim is whether or not you can return to any of your past jobs, the SSA will look closely at your work history. They will examine your earnings record. They obtain your earnings record from the I.R.S.. Any income that you have paid taxes on is on the earnings report.

The SSA will compare your I.R.S. earnings to the list of jobs that you report to them on your application. Therefore, it is important that you are ready to list all of the jobs that you have had for the past 15 years.

If you have worked full time, for longer than 3 months, at any job – then you will need to provide that information to the Social Security Administration. It can be helpful if you have a resume. If you do not have a written resume, then that is fine. But you should be ready to give the name and address of companies you have worked for on your application. This is true even if you own your own company or are self employed.


You do not need to try to win SSD benefits by yourself. We can help file your SSD application. Also, we can help you appeal every SSA denial. For example, our attorneys and staff can:

If you file your application for benefits online at Social Security’s website, then you have 6 months to complete the application. Try not to take that long to finish it. Once you submit your application online, the SSA sends you an application summary in the mail. You must sign the summary and mail it back. If you need help to file your application, then we will help you.


It isn’t easy to get Social Security benefits and the application process can be frustrating for most people. But, having an attorney throughout the appeal process can make it easier. It is our belief that when you have a law firm with experience handling your Social Security case, the SSA makes sure that they follow their own procedures.

Additionally, when you have an attorney with legal experience, they will have access to Social Security’s decisions throughout the process. They can also submit medical evidence that may be missing from your case.

There is evidence that hiring an attorney with the proper experience raises your chances of winning your SSDI and SSI benefits by 30%. It is also smart to hire an attorney to help you at your hearing. After all, you are the star witness at your hearing. If you hire an attorney with experience, they can prepare you to be a good witness at your hearing. Learn more about how to prepare for your SSD hearing.


We will use our legal skills to help you through the Social Security appeal process. It is our goal to win your case. But, it also our goal to make the appeal process easier for you.

We offer a free review of your case. If you call, there is no pressure to become our client. You ask questions, we answer. Even if we don’t accept your case, we will still try to help you.

It also doesn’t cost you any upfront money to hire us. Why? Because you only pay us an attorney fee if we win your case. If we win, then the SSA pays us out of your back benefits. Learn more about past due benefits. If you do not win, then you do not pay an attorney fee.

How much is the attorney fee? The attorney fee is whatever is less between 25% of your back benefit and the fee cap. This is best understood through an example. If your back benefit is $10,000, then your attorney fee would be $2500.

However, if your back benefit is $100,000, you would not pay 25% or $25,000 in attorney fees. Instead, you would pay the amount of the fee cap which is $7200. Therefore, if you win your case, then the attorney fee is capped at the $7200 amount.

Regardless, you pay whatever is less between 25% of your back benefit and the fee cap. Additionally, you only owe an attorney fee if we win your case. Find out more here about what it will cost to hire an SSD attorney.


Applying for benefits sounds hard, but it isn’t. If you go into the SSA application online and begin the application, but don’t have all of the information you need, then you can finish it later. However, you will need a “re-entry number.”

Once you fill out some of the basics, the SSA website will give you a “re-entry number.” Write it down. If you cannot finish your application all at once, then you can return to the online form and complete the application later by entering your number.

In the past 30 years, we have won over 20,000 SSD and SSI cases. We are the best at what we do. You need an attorney with experience to help you with your case. Hire us. Don’t put your future income at risk.

Hire an attorney with the experience to get the results you need. For further information, please contact Cannon Disability Law.  We can help you when you are applying for SSD and SSI benefits and win your claim.

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