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SSA Adds Four New Compassionate Allowances Conditions On August 19, 2019, the SSA added four new conditions to the list of compassionate allowances. The SSA has a list of conditions they consider disabling. This list is the Listed Impairments. Additionally, the SSA has a list of disabling impairments they consider to be automatically disabling…. Read More »

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At some point, if you file for disability benefits, the SSA might order Consultative Exams. You will receive a notice in the mail, ordering you to go to a Consultative Exam. You may ask yourself, “Consultative Exams – What are they?” What they are is an opportunity for you to visit a doctor or… Read More »

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Obesity Is A Disabling Impairment Under Social Security Ruling 19-2p

SOCIAL SECURITY RULING 19-2P The SSA issued Social Security Ruling 19-2p this year, rescinding and replacing SSR 02-1p, that was previously used to evaluate obesity as a disabling impairment.  SSR 19-2p states that “obesity,” when established by objective medical evidence (signs, laboratory findings, or both) from an acceptable medical source (AMS), is a medically determinable… Read More »

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How Much Money Is My Monthly Disability Benefit?

MONTHLY DISABILITY BENEFIT How much money is your monthly disability benefit going to be? There are ads on the internet that promise people who apply for disability benefits will receive almost $3000 a month. If only that were true. These ads are alluding to a benefit amount that is not available to most working… Read More »

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The Burden To Prove Disability Is On You

Many people who apply for disability benefits think that they will be awarded benefits if they simply explain their disabling impairment to a Judge.  But the SSA system doesn’t work like that. The law clearly states that the person applying for disability benefits has the burden to prove they are disabled and they must… Read More »

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Reverse Diabetes Through Diet & Exercise

DIABETES TYPE 2 Type 2 Diabetes is a disease that more and more Americans are facing as they age, become less active, and gain weight.  Diabetes is a disease that affects blood sugar in the body and causes blood sugar that is too high or too low. When blood sugar is not under control it… Read More »

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