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How Much Money Is My Monthly Disability Benefit?

Recently, there are ads on the internet that seem to promise that people who apply for disability benefits will be awarded almost $3000 a month. These ads are alluding to a benefit amount that is not available to most working people who pay their taxes. 

Social Security Disability benefits are paid once you are found disabled, but the amount that you receive on a monthly basis depends upon the amount of money you have earned during your working life, your age, and also whether or not you have paid taxes on your earnings and therefore, contributed to the  Social Security system. Many people think they are automatically qualified for a certain amount of monthly disability payments and they are surprised to learn that their monthly benefit is not as high as they hoped. Do not be misled by internet or TV ads. The average person’s monthly disability benefit is usually between $1000-$1500. Supplemental Security Income benefit amounts vary by state, but they are not usually more than $1000 per month.

In order to receive a disability benefit that is close to the maximum amount payable, you would need to earn a high salary and pay taxes for over 20 years. For example, the maximum monthly Social Security retirement benefit at full or normal retirement age is $2,788 for 2018 and $2,861 for 2019. However, it is important to remember that the maximum allowable benefit amount is only available to those individuals who had the maximum taxable earnings for at least 35 working years.  It is a similar calculation in order to determine the monthly benefit for disabled individuals. If you need further information about how to apply for disability benefits or want to know if you are eligible, contact Cannon Disability Law

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