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In 2020, Andrew Saul, the Commissioner of the Social Security Administration, announced five new Compassionate Allowances conditions: Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumors GM1 Gangliosidosis – Infantile and Juvenile Forms Nicolaides-Baraister Syndrome Rubinstein-Tybai Syndrome Secondary Adenocarcinoma of the Brain If you have one of the above conditions, you can apply online for disability benefits at… Read More »

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SSA Adds Four New Compassionate Allowances Conditions On August 19, 2019, the SSA added four new conditions to the list of compassionate allowances. The SSA has a list of conditions they consider disabling. This list is the Listed Impairments. Additionally, the SSA has a list of disabling impairments they consider to be automatically disabling…. Read More »

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YOU WON BENEFITS AND WANT TO TRY GOING BACK TO WORK. CAN YOU DO IT? You won disability benefits and one year has gone by. Perhaps you are feeling better and want to try to work again. Can you go back to work and still receive disability benefits? This is a great question and… Read More »

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THE 7TH CIRCUIT HELD THE ALJ MUST INCLUDE ALL MENTAL IMPAIRMENTS IN HYPOTHETICAL TO THE VE  In Crump v. Saul, the 7th Circuit court held that the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) must include all mental impairments, including moderate impairments, in the hypothetical to the Vocational Expert (VE). If the ALJ does not, then she… Read More »

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Why Hasn’t SSA Granted Your Case? At Cannon Disability Law, we hear a version of this question every day. People look at their neighbors and believe they should not be receiving disability benefits. They also believe they should get benefits and can’t understand why the SSA denied their case. If you are asking yourself a similar… Read More »

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Can I Retire Early And Still Collect Disability Benefits?

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RETIREMENT AND DISABILITY BENEFITS? Many people who can no longer work due to disability, experience confusion about whether to retire early or to apply for disability benefits. What option you chose can have serious consequences for your income over time. While it is correct that the SSA administers both benefits,… Read More »

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How Much Money Is My Monthly Disability Benefit?

MONTHLY DISABILITY BENEFIT How much money is your monthly disability benefit going to be? There are ads on the internet that promise people who apply for disability benefits will receive almost $3000 a month. If only that were true. These ads are alluding to a benefit amount that is not available to most working… Read More »

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The Importance of Medical Records to the SSA

THE SSA NEEDS MEDICAL RECORDS AT EVERY LEVEL OF THE CASE It is paramount that you understand the importance of collecting all of your medical records when you apply for disability benefits. When you first apply for benefits, you should include a copy of your medical records with your application. If you receive a… Read More »

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Anorexia & Eating Disorders Can Be Disabling

EATINGS DISORDERS CAN BE DISABLING The SSA has added eating disorders to their disability criteria in the listed impairments.  If you have an eating disorder that impacts you physically or mentally, it is possible that you could be granted disability benefits.  For example, if you have Anorexia, you may have difficulty with your memory,… Read More »

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Republican Tax Plan Contemplates Cuts to Disability Benefits and Healthcare

REPUBLICAN TAX PLAN CUTS ENTITLEMENTS The Republican Tax Plan will be paid for by cutting entitlement programs, such as Social Security Disability, Medicare and Medicaid.  These are entitlements that working citizens pay for with taxes out of every paycheck.  If Congress changes these programs, millions of individuals will reach old age and be left… Read More »

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