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The Burden To Prove Disability Is On You

Many people who apply for disability benefits think that they will be awarded benefits if they simply explain their disabling impairment to a Judge.  But the SSA system doesn’t work like that. The law clearly states that the person applying for disability benefits has the burden to prove they are disabled and they must do so with objective medical evidence from a physician.  But how can you get medical evidence if you don’t have insurance to go to the doctor?

There are always ways to be treated for your disabling physical disability or mental disability impairments. Hopefully, you or your spouse or parent have medical coverage through insurance.  If not, then there are free or low-cost clinics and you can become their patient.  Many doctors might also set up a payment plan with you.  Producing medical evidence that proves your disabling is key to obtaining benefits.  We have free and low-cost clinics listed on this website to help you find a doctor. Regular, consistent medical treatment is the key to proving disability in your SSD or SSI claim.  Call or contact Cannon Disability Law for free to discuss your case – 801-322-2121. We can often tell you over the phone whether or not you are eligible for disability benefits.

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