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Psoriatic arthritis can be a disabling disease. The SSA classifies psoriatic arthritis under listing 14.09 for “Inflammatory Arthritis.” In order to receive disability payments, your arthritis must prevent you from working. You might not be able to work due to inability to ambulate or to use your fingers repeatedly for actions like typing. Additionally, you may have severe joint swelling and joint pain.

If you experience psoriatic arthritis, you may have a severe rash on your skin. The most common type or rash is known as plaque psoriasis. The rash starts out with small red bumps that grow larger and form a scale. If you scratch the rash it can pull the scales off of your skin and cause bleeding. Sometimes, the rash may be so severe that large patches of skin peal away.


The SSA has specific listings that they use to evaluate arthritis. Listing 14.09 is the listing for inflammatory arthritis. However, it is the severity of the arthritis that counts. The SSA evaluates whether or not your arthritis is severe enough to prevent you from working.

If you read listing 14.09, you will see that the severity of the disease is shown under 14.09B, 14.09C2, and 14.09D. Normally, the SSA looks at whether or not your arthritis effects one or more of the major peripheral joints. For example, the major joints they look to are the knees, ankles, shoulders, and wrists. Inflammation or deformity of these joints shows arthritis.

If you have psoriatic arthritis that prevents you from working, it will also impair you in other areas of your life. For example, you will not be able to complete activities of daily living. Activities of daily living are things such as doing laundry, shopping, cooking, and cleaning. Also, you may not be able to maintain social functioning due to arthritis. You may not be able to attend church, go to parties, or sit at the movies. Finally, the SSA will evaluate whether your arthritis prevents you from completing tasks in a timely manner. For example, with psoriasis, you may be in so much pain that you cannot concentrate or see a task through to the end.



The SSA offers two programs that provide benefits to people with disabilities. The first is Social Security Disability, which you pay into if you work. This means that disability benefits are not a free government hand-out. Instead, they are a benefit that you pay for through your taxes.

  • Social Security (SSD): The disability insurance program if for people with disabilities who work and pay into the benefit system through taxes. The exact requirements to qualify depend on your age and how much you have worked. The amount you receive is based on your lifetime earnings.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI): The SSI program provides cash assistance to people with disabilities who also have limited income and resources. If you have a disability and have very few assets or resources, you may qualify to receive up to $783 a month from the federal government.

It is possible, if you are disabled, to receive both of these benefits at the same time. This, of course, depends upon eligibility requirements. When you file an application with the SSA, you will apply for all of the benefits you are entitled to. You can file for disability benefits online on the Social Security websitew. At Cannon Disability, we can help you file your disability application.


If you have psoriatic arthritis and cannot work, you need to file your application for disability benefits. You should also hire an experienced representative to help you win your case.  Call us today. We can tell you if you have a good case over the phone. Additionally, you can hire us even if you don’t have any money. Because, we are paid only if we win your case. You will need help, because the SSA requires medical evidence to prove disability. We can help you obtain your medical records. Contact us today.

When you hire us, we will help you file your application. We also help you complete the SSA’s paperwork. SSA will probably deny your case. The SSA denies the majority of applications. Likewise, they deny most cases on appeal. Typically, in order to win, you must go to a hearing. When you go to a hearing, you should not go alone. Make sure you hire an experienced representative to help you in court.

You can find out more about your legal team on this website. Dianna Cannon has been practicing disability law for over 30 years. Brett Bunkall has won hundreds of cases in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, and California. Andria Summers has over 20 years of experience helping claimants win disability benefits. Our representatives know the law.  We have won over $100 million in ongoing disability benefits for our clients. Contact us today to hire a disability attorney with experience.

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