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IS DISABILITY A BARRIER TO WORK? On September 5, 2019, the New York Times published Ben Casselman’s article about disability and work. Casselman wrote, employers like Dell, started a program to hire people with autism. Kate Cosway, who has a master’s degree, was chosen by Dell for a 12-week internship, which is now becoming… Read More »

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5th Circuit finds Bankruptcy Court has jurisdiction to hear SSA overpayment case

BANKRUPTCY COURT HAS JURISDICTION TO HEAR OVERPAYMENT CASE The 5th Circuit, in Benjamin v. United States of America, (5th Circuit 07/26/2019), has ruled that the Bankruptcy Court has jurisdiction to hear a representative payee’s overpayment case. Benjamin, the plaintiff was the representative payee of his sister’s monthly disability benefits.  His sister returned to work and the… Read More »

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What Questions Will The Judge Ask At My Hearing?

WHAT WILL THE JUDGE ASK YOU AT YOUR DISABILITY HEARING? Are you wondering what questions the judge will ask at your disability hearing? It is important to think about the questions, as you are the witness at your Social Security Disability hearing. The Judge is going to be asking you specific questions about your… Read More »

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Can I Retire Early And Still Collect Disability Benefits?

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RETIREMENT AND DISABILITY BENEFITS? Many people who can no longer work due to disability, experience confusion about whether to retire early or to apply for disability benefits. What option you chose can have serious consequences for your income over time. While it is correct that the SSA administers both benefits,… Read More »

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