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The Social Security Disability payment benefit amount is different for every person who applies. Because, SSD benefits are based upon the amount you have worked during your lifetime.  Everyone has a different work history. Each person earns a different amount of money during their lifetime.

Therefore, the monthly SSDI payment for each person is unique. If you have earned very little during your working years, you will receive a lower benefit amount. Conversely, if you have been a high earner, you will receive more money per month.

In 2017, the average SSD benefit amount is $1,171 per month. For those who have been high earners, it is possible for them to receive up to $2,687 in monthly benefits. In 2022, the average SSD benefit amount is higher.

For example, in 2022, the average SSDI payment for an individual is $1,358, but almost two-thirds of SSDI recipients receive less than that. And only 10% of people who receive SSDI get $2,000 per month or more. The 2022 average monthly benefit for an SSDI recipient who has a family, a spouse and children, is $2,383.

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In order to calculate your monthly benefit, the Social Security Administration uses your Average Indexed Monthly Earnings or AIME. SSA calculates the AIME by using your highest indexed earnings during 35 working years. They add them together and then divide them by the total number of months for those years. This average is rounded down to determine your AIME.

If you want to see an example of how the SSA calculates an AIME go to the SSA website.

The SSA uses the AIME to determine your Primary Insurance Amount (PIA), which is the base amount of your benefits, and normally, the amount of your monthly benefit.


Three fixed percentages of your AIME are used to determine your PIA. The dollar amounts that result from the calculation are called “bend points.” Bend points are changed on a yearly basis to reflect the national average wage index. The PIA for a disabled individual who became eligible for SSD in 2017 is the sum  of the following:

  • 90% of the first $885 of average indexed monthly earnings
  • 32% of the average indexed monthly earnings over $885 through $5,336, and
  • 15% of the average indexed monthly earnings over $5,336.

If this sounds complicated, that is because it is. If you are confused by this math and would like an easier way to figure out your monthly disability benefit amount, then go to . There, you can make a secure login and check your benefit statement. It will tell you exactly how much money you will receive in monthly  benefits in 2022.

Additionally, if you need information about a representative payee for your benefits, you can read about it on our website.


At Cannon Disability Law, we are experts in Social Security Disability law. We have over 30 years experience in winning SSD and SSI benefits for our clients. Our record is strong. It shows that we have won over 20,000 SSDI and SSI cases in the last 30 years.

When you experience a severe medical condition, it stops you from working. You no longer have a monthly income to support your family. We accept all our cases on a contingency basis. This means, if you don’t win, you don’t pay an attorney fee.

You can contact us for free. Then, once we talk about your case, we can tell you if we can help. We have clients in many states. For example, our clients live in Salt Lake City, Utah, Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, Boise and Pocatello, Idaho, Washington, and California. Contact Cannon Disability Law today. Put our experience to work for you.


To learn more about us, click on one of the links below.

We help you file your application for benefits. Additionally, we help you fill out confusing SSA forms. You can file online at the Social Security website. In addition, proving your condition to the judge is what we do. You want an attorney who has the experience to prove your case.

In the past 30 years, our attorneys have won thousands of cases at the hearing level. We also win cases at the Appeals Council and in Federal District Court. We work with our clients as part of a team effort. Therefore, we are successful. Look at our record, we have won over 20,000 SSD and SSI cases. Better yet, we have won over $100 million in back due and ongoing benefits for our clients.

As SSD attorneys, we have over 30 years of experience helping people win benefits. Contact Cannon Disability Law to put our experience to work for you. Our attorneys and our staff work hard to provide every client with excellent legal help.

As your legal team, our goal is to ease the process of filing for benefit payments. We will help you at each level of appeal. Also, we will work with you to explain the medical evidence you need to prove the SSA should pay you disability payments.

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