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Nami & Metal Illness Awareness Week

In 1990, Congress officially established the first week of #October as Mental Illness Awareness Week.  They did this to encourage advocates across the country to work together to educate the public about mental illness. #NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), raises awareness about mental illness through public education, providing support to those with mental illness and their families, and fighting the stigma associated with mental illness.

#Mental #Illness #Awareness #Week provides a dedicated time for mental health advocates across the country to come together and it also gives the public an opportunity to learn more about specific symptoms that arise with mental health issues. This year, NAM is focusing attention on “five mental health conditions in need of better public understanding and stigma-busting.” You can learn more about the conditions that #NAMI is highlighting by clicking on the conditions below:

Remember, mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of or hidden, instead it should be talked about and treated.  People should see mental illness, such a depression, like a broken arm. Would you be ashamed of having a broken arm? Would you fail to treat your broken arm and let it hang by your side without putting a cast on it? The answer is no because that would be ridiculous. Disability Mental illness is a medical condition that can be treated. You can treat depression, OCD, or the above-listed illnesses and cure or alleviate them, just as you would care for and try to heal a broken arm. Join #NAMI this week and advocate for those who deal with mental illness on a daily basis.  Raise awareness about mental illness in your community and family and it will make life better for everyone.

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