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Fortunately, the president of the United States has a disability plan. This is good news for the almost 9 million people receiving disability benefits. Additionally, this is good news for 117,000 spouses and 1.5 million children who also receive disability payments through a family member.  Individuals who qualify for SSD and SSI need is to be assured their disability benefits will continue. They also need to equal treatment under the law. Biden’s plan provides for that.

biden disability plan

Biden’s plan proposes to reform the Social Security disability program. Hopefully, those reforms will be in terms of the amount of time it takes to receive disability benefits. It can still take up to two years from the application to a hearing date. Also, the government needs to budget more money for the SSA. The number of applicants for disability benefits has increased, since the baby boomers came of age. However, the SSA budget has been slashed. The SSA staff has been cut in half, but the work has more than doubled. This is unsustainable and hopefully, it will change under President Biden.


Biden’s plan has a long title. It is known as The Biden Plan for Full Participation and Equality for People with Disabilities. The plan focuses on ensuring equality for people with disabilities. The primary goals are to:

  • Ensure full inclusion of people with disabilities in policy development and aggressively enforce the civil rights of people with disabilities.
  • Guarantee access to high-quality, affordable health care, including mental health care, and expand access to home and community-based services and long-term services and supports in the most integrated setting appropriate to each person’s needs and based on self-determination.
  • Expand competitive, integrated employment opportunities for people with disabilities.
  • Protect and strengthen economic security for people with disabilities.
  • Ensure that students with disabilities have access to educational programs and support they need to succeed, from early interventions to post-secondary education.
  • Expand access to accessible, integrated, and affordable housing, transportation, and assistive technologies and protect people with disabilities in emergencies.
  • Advance global disability rights.


Biden’s plan promises to enforce the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the IDEA. Also, his plan promises to repeal the public charge rule which discriminates against immigrants with disabilities. Disability benefits, such as SSI and SSD, will remain intact. However, Biden is looking to increase Social Security disability income, as so many rely on it. Obviously, one of the main issues that will be part of his plan is healthcare for all.

Healthcare is an issue that determines the well-being of people with disabilities. Employment, schooling, accessible voting, and opportunities for people with disabilities are also important policy issues in the plan.

Medicare benefits and Medicaid are already available to citizens, depending on eligibility. If there were healthcare for all citizens, everyone could get the care they need. Most importantly, they could get care with a reasonable cost. By contrast, President Trump has no plan for people with disabilities.


Disability law is what we do. Therefore, we are grateful to have a president who has a plan. Time will tell if the many goals in the plan will come to fruition. Meanwhile, if you need disability benefits, turn to us as your legal team. We can help you begin your application and file it online. Also, we can help you appeal a denial of benefits or represent you at a hearing.

Our job is to win your benefits and your Medicaid or Medicare benefits. We understand how important winning your benefits is. The attorneys at Cannon Disability have won over $100 million dollars for our clients. We have the experience you need to win your case. Also, we represent clients in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, and California.

At Cannon Disability, we have over 60 years of combined legal experience. Dianna Cannon has been practicing disability law for over 30 years. Over the years, Brett Bunkall has won hundreds of disability cases in Utah, Nevada, Idaho. Andria Summers has worked at Cannon Disability for 19 years and has helped thousands of  claimants win disability benefits.  Additionally, our staff works hard to build your case throughout the disability process. Contact us today to hire a disability attorney with experience.

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