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Are You Under Investigation By The SSA?

Most claimants who are seeking disability benefits are not aware they can be investigated by the Social Security Administration.  Most investigations are instigated by workers at the local claim office. Here is what you need to know.

Typically, when the SSA decides to start a #CDI investigation, they will start by following you at your #Consultative #Examination.  So, if you are scheduled for a Psychological Evaluation or a Physical Evaluation with a physician, they will either be parked outside the doctor’s office in a car or sometimes, they will be in the doctor’s waiting room.  The investigator may initiate a conversation with you. They will listen to you if you are talking on your phone to someone. They will watch how you act and what you do. They will watch to see if someone drops you off at the appointment or picks you up.  And they will write it all down. They may also follow you home or to a gas station or a store.  Wherever you go after your doctor’s appointment, they may be following you.

Here is the second thing you need to know.  They will come to your house.

They will typically pose as detectives. Who knows, maybe they are detectives? You could ask for their identification. They will usually say they are investigating the theft of your identity, or pretend they are investigating an internet scheme, or they will make up some other lie in order to get you to invite them into your house.  Most of the time, they say they think someone is trying to steal your identity.  Sometimes, they look up complaints you may have filed with the police.  For example, let’s say you had your laptop stolen within the last year.  They will come to your house and say they are there to ask questions about your stolen laptop.  This information gives them even more credibility, but they are still lying.  The #CDI unit calls it an “investigative technique,” but the rest of the world calls it a lie.  They are telling you a lie to get you to trust them.

Please remember, just because two people show up at your front door claiming to be detectives with information about identity theft or information about your old laptop – you do NOT need to let them in.  You do NOT need to answer their questions. You do NOT need to talk to them at all. In fact, it would be best for you if you refused to speak to them.  Why?  Because they are writing a report about you even though they do not have any medical training to assess your disability. The investigators are not medical doctors, they have no training in mental or physical medicine, yet they are writing a report about whether or not you “appear” disabled. Does this sound fair or ethical to you?

If you are not at home, they may also ask your neighbors about you, or your roommate, or other members of your family.  Explain to your family or roommate that you do not want them to talk to strangers about you, even if those strangers are claiming to be investigating something on your behalf.  There are serious constitutional issues with regard to the SSA collecting information about claimants and using it against them in this fashion.  Beyond those issues, it is wrong to have people with no medical background making medical assumptions about disabled claimants. Watch out for these investigators. They are not on your side. You have been warned. For further information and articles about Social Security Disability visit

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