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WHAT IS HEART FAILURE? Heart failure is the inability of the heart to pump enough oxygenated blood into your body. Another term for heart disease is cardiovascular disease. Or, diseases which affect the cardiovascular system. This system includes the heart and its arteries, veins and capillaries. Heart failure has certain symptoms and signs. Those… Read More »

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Multiple Sclerosis is an auto-immune disease that affects the central nervous system. When an individual suffers from M.S., the disease damages the insulating covers of the nerve cells in the brain. It also damages nerve cells in the spinal cord and optic nerves. This nerve damage process is called demyelination.  Demyelination can cause symptoms… Read More »

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CAN YOU GET DISABILITY BENEFITS FOR LUPUS? Lupus disability benefits are available for people with severe lupus symptoms who cannot work a full-time job. Are you a full-time worker who pays your taxes? Have you stopped working due to Lupus symptoms? If so, you are eligible to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. Disability… Read More »

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Lost Your Hearing? What Are Your Options?

Lost your hearing? Did you go to your hearing with an administrative law judge and lose?  It doesn’t feel good to get an Unfavorable Decision in the mail. Especially after sending in all of your medical records, waiting two years to get a hearing and then going through the stress of a hearing. Unfortunately, you… Read More »

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