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steve ferguson

Much to my surprise I was approved for SocSec disability on the first application. The screening interview was thorough and pleasant. I, my friend, family, didn’t think I had much of a case, but obviously I did. During the process the follow up with various staff on some docs issues and correspondence with SocSec, was timely and effective. From start to finish it took 7 months. I’d say to anyone that if Cannon Law takes your case it’s because you have a good one. I am glad I did not attempt this on my own. The contingency basis agreement was very fair and I think they earned every penny. When they told me they would back me throughout any and all appeals and any case to a SocSec judge, I was prepared to be it it for the long haul. But when I got the decision in my favor sooner I was overwhelmed with gratitude. had to pinch myself! And now its a few months into receiving benefits. That’s such a relief! My friends and family doubted I’d succeed, I questioned it too, but Cannon Law knows a thing or two about all this. Thank you , very much appreciated..

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