To limit the spread of the Coronavirus we are asking you not to visit our offices. We want to keep our business open and keep working on your case. We can't do that if we are sick. So please do not visit our office building. If you need to speak to us, call us or contact us on this website's contact page. Thank you for your understanding.

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Are you having difficulty managing stress during Covid-19?  If so, the state of Utah is providing free help to those who need it.  Below you will find free numbers you can call. The state of Utah has crisis lines to help you during this difficult time.


Below you will find a crisis line, a hotline, and a Statewide Crisis Line. These numbers have resources and counseling to help you manage your stress level during Covid-19. Many people have lost their jobs, their income, their health, or even loved-ones.

You may feel like you are alone, but you are not. Children have been out of school, requiring parents to stay home or find alternative childcare. Some people don’t have family to care for their children and some do not have money to afford childcare. Call the crisis line, perhaps they can help.

If you have lost a loved one to Covid-19 and are struggling with depression, contact the crisis line. You can also call or visit for help if you are having financial difficulties. Many people are waiting for Social Security Disability during this time.

Fortunately, the SSA continues to hold disability hearings over the phone. This has made it so there is not a backlog of cases. However, the wait is still long.

If you need help getting disability benefits, contact our office. We are here for you and we will answer your questions for free.


There are things you can do on your own to manage stress during Covid-19. Some of these activities are simple things you can do on your own. Mostly, they will help you take your mind off of the pandemic.

It may seem logical or like common-sense, but doing any activity to calm your mind will help your stress level. cover-19 and disabilityTake time away from work or family, just for yourself, even if it is for a few minutes. Try deep breathing. Meditate. Watch the sunset. Take a walk.

Play an instrument. Call a friend. Read a book, instead of watching TV. Listen to music that you love.

If these activities do not help, then seek professional help. We are all struggling during this time, but do not feel bad if you need more help than others.

Use the resources that are provided in this post to help you and your family during Covid-19.

Hopefully, you will be able to obtain the vaccine and  these worries will be in the past. Until then, hang in there. Don’t give up.



Meanwhile, if you are awaiting your disability hearing or have a denial from the SSA, call us today. We have won thousands of disability cases and we can help you win your case. It does not cost anything to call our office or to ask us questions. Also, we can accept representation in your case and you do not have to pay an attorney fee unless we win. You have nothing to lose, call our office today.  If you need medical help or counseling, please see our list of free resources in Utah and Nevada on this website. We hope you use the resources to help yourself.



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