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Supplemental Security Income Benefits

Even if you haven’t worked, your disability may entitle you to SSI benefits.  Call us now at 801-322-2121 and find out for free if you or your child qualify for SSI benefits.

Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”) benefits are different than Social Security Disability (“SSD”) benefits. SSI benefits are designed to be a “supplement” to SSD benefits, paid to you if your monthly SSD benefit is a low amount of money. In order to be eligible for SSI benefits you must be disabled, but you must also qualify financially by not having significant assets (a cabin, snowmobiles, a boat) or money (more than $2000 saved in the bank). The financial asset rules that govern SSI are complex and you may need legal help to navigate your eligibility.

SSI benefits are for disabled individuals who have never worked or they are for children with a severe disability. You or your child may qualify for Supplemental Security Income benefits. You may also qualify for SSI benefits if you have worked, but have earned a low income. In order to win SSI benefits, you must be disabled and you must also meet SSA’s income and asset requirements

Cannon Disability Law can help you file your application for SSI benefits and tell you, over the phone, if you or your child are eligible to apply for benefits.  Call us or fill out our contact form and we will answer your questions for free about obtaining SSI benefits.

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