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Republican Tax Plan Contemplates Cuts to Disability Benefits and Healthcare

The Republican Tax Plan will be paid for by cutting entitlement programs, such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  These are entitlements that working citizens pay for with taxes out of every paycheck.  If Congress changes these programs, millions of individuals will reach old age and be left without financial security and healthcare. You will also lose the money that you have invested in your entitlements.  Again, these are not handouts.  This is not welfare.  These are benefits that you paid for with your work and most people expect to rely on these benefits as their full retirement or at least as a supplement to their retirement savings.

Additionally, the Republican Tax Plan contemplates eliminating Medicaid and disability benefits, which workers also pay for with their taxes.  Medicaid is the healthcare program that helps the most needy in our society and without Medicaid millions of people will go without healthcare. Medicare is the program that working citizens become entitled to when they reach the age of 65. The Republican Tax Plan is giving tax benefits to corporations and the most wealthy individuals in our society, on the backs of the most needy.

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