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Depression? – Should You Apply For Disability?

Cannon Disability Law, disability attorneys SLC, UT & Las Vegas, NVDEPRESSION CAN QUALIFY YOU FOR SSD BENEFITS

If you have depression, should you apply for disability benefits? The answer is yes. Depression is a common mental ailment that most people suffer at some time during their lives.  Most depression is situational, which means it comes about because of a traumatic or stressful event.  For example, if you spouse passes away, you may experience symptoms such as sadness, memory loss, inability to sleep, irritability, crying spells, and feelings of hopelessness.

These are all symptoms of depression and are a normal response to the death of a spouse.  With time, these symptoms abate for most people, and they are able to return to their normal emotional state. It is when the symptoms of depression become a chronic, daily occurrence that interferes with the ability to perform activities of daily living, such as working, going to the store, and interacting with family and friends, that it becomes known as Major Depressive Disorder.

In order to be found disabled by the Social Security Administration for Depression, a person must be incapable of working due to the severity of the depressive symptoms.  For example, everyone experiences the inability to sleep a few times a year, but if you cannot sleep night after night and you pace the house worrying about things you cannot control, that could be a symptom of severe depression or anxiety.


The SSA has divided Depression into two elements, the first element lists symptoms of depression.  The second element requires the severity of the symptoms to prevent you from working.  In order to be found disabling, depression must interfere with activities of daily living. It must also interfere with the ability to persist and finish tasks, like the laundry or cooking. You must also have difficulty concentrating and socializing with other people.  Millions of people have symptoms of depression, but they still go to work.

If you have depressive symptoms and you are not able to work, you may qualify for benefits. Sure signs of depression are avoiding others and failing to keep appointments. You also know you have depression if you can’t take care of yourself or you are unable to eat or sleep.  Disability benefits also come with Medicare or Medicaid. These two programs provide you with the health insurance you need to get treatment.  Call our office at 1-801-322-2121 or contact Cannon Disability Law at and ask us now whether or not you are eligible to apply for disability benefits.

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