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Can I Be Found Disabled If I “Equal” SSA’s Listed Impairments?

A claimant applying for #Social Security Disability and/or Supplemental Security Income benefits can be found #disabled by “meeting” or “equaling” the listed impairments. SSA has created a “list” of disabilities called the listed impairments, which attempts to outline all of the physical and mental impairments that  qualify as disabilities which prevent a person from working. If a person has every symptom outlined under a specific listing, then presumably they “meet” the listing. If they do not have every symptom listed, they can still obtain their disability benefits by “equalling” the listing. You can “equal” a listing by having a combination of impairments that are as severe as the listed impairment or you can “equal” the listing by substituting another impairment for an impairment that is closely analogous to the listing. You can review the listings online at or your can read them online by going to  20 C.F.R. Section 404.1525. Reading the listings will help you understand whether you have a disability that could meet or equal the government’s listings.  You can also call Cannon Disability Law at 1-800-732-2323 and we will advise you, for free, if you have a disability that qualifies you for #benefits.

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