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Biggest Mistake People Make At Their Disability Hearing


What is the biggest mistake people make when they have a disability hearing before an Administrative Law Judge?


You may be shocked to find out that many people, despite ample notice, don’t make it to their hearing. This is a HUGE mistake!  Don’t let this be you. There is really no excuse for not attending your hearing.  Your hearing is scheduled 75 days in advance. You receive notice of hearing in the mail and if you have an attorney, they will call you and tell you you have a hearing. By the time you receive your hearing notice, you will usually have been waiting for your hearing for two years. There is really no excuse to miss the hearing. More importantly, if you miss the hearing and the judge dismisses your case, you will have to start all over again with a new application.


You should arrive early to your hearing, giving yourself time to go through a metal detector and check in to the hearing office so they know you are there. You will need to bring a VALID ID to the hearing office. This means a driver’s license, passport, or state ID that has not expired. If yours has expired, get a new and valid one prior to the hearing so that you don’t have problems. Even if you have an expired ID and you don’t have time, money, or the physical ability to get a new ID, bring your old ID and come to the hearing.  At least the Judge will know you care enough about your disability benefits to be there.

If you have a medical emergency and are in the hospital, call the hearing officer or your attorney and let them know you won’t be there. Next, will you need to get proof from a doctor as to why you weren’t able to attend your hearing? Otherwise, the ALJ is going to dismiss your hearing request or deny your case. Please remember, this is a court of law. The Judge is a real Judge. When the Judge orders you to be there, you need to show up.

You can’t get disability benefits without appearing at your hearing. You are the main witness and what you have to say is crucial to your case. There is really no valid excuse for not coming to your hearing.  Most of the time, you have waited two years to have a hearing scheduled. If you want the government to grant your case, you need to be at your hearing on time and be ready to testify. You also need an attorney with experience to represent you in court. At Cannon Disability Law, we have successfully won over 17,000 disability cases. We have the experience that you need to win your SSD and/or SSI disability benefits.  If you need representation at your hearing, contact Cannon Disability Law. Put our experience to work for you.

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